Weather forecasting control – Krobath Econ Energy Services

Weather forecasting control – Krobath Econ Energy Services

Heating buildings is one of the least efficient tasks in terms of energy use worldwide. Especially heating old structures comes with high losses and rehabilitation investments are cost intensive. In addition, the distance in time between changing flow from the heat source and the actual temperature change within the building or apartment is considerable, which translates into a day/night cycle with excessive consumption, followed by excessive corrections.

This blog post contains an exclusive interview with DI Andreas Schoettl, talking about weather-forecast controlled heating systems for buildings – intelligent systems which balance energy consumption, promising savings in energy use and resources.

What are the abilities of weather-forecast-controlled systems?

Such systems work with real-time weather forecasts and on-site temperatures to provide optimized, predictive heating for buildings. Self-learning systems use energy stored within buildings and structures while taking user behavior under consideration and offer ongoing monitoring and support, which is also available through smartphone applications.

The advantage of our system is that we have tried to incorporate user friendly installations, which is why there are no building alternations necessary to implement the forecast control with the pre-existing heating system. We have put a lot of effort in creating an easy and cost effective installation, which is adaptable for all sources of energy.

We enable energy savings of up to 15 % while maintaining a comfortable and consistent indoor climate. This is achieved through constant analysis and reporting on the accomplished conservation and energy monitoring of the property.
Summarizing, we offer a fast and easy contribution to conserving resources and increasing energy efficiency.

Why do you accredit so much importance to the issue of energy efficiency and conserving resources?

An average household in Austria spends 2,840 EUR per year on energy costs. And the development of energy consumption in Austria is characterized by a rising trend, with a growth rate of about 2% per year on a long-term average.
But buying energy-efficient appliances, making energy-efficient home improvements, and taking energy-efficient actions can save users hundreds of Euros every year.
Furthermore, while energy efficiency helps to save money at home, it supports businesses and cities, states as well as federal governments, to save on a much bigger scale.

Next to the monetary advantage, saving energy enables to conserve natural resources, cut pollution and contribute to fighting climate change.

Why is Krobath Econ Energy Services the right contact for these questions?

Krobath Econ Energy Services offers many years of experience as an energy contractor and supplier in the field of heat and cold both on a national and international level. We are open-minded and receptive towards new, future-oriented technologies and place value on realizing projects which in the sense of our environment.

As within the network of the Ferdinand Krobath Group, we have a strong position within the market as an international company in the field of energy services with rich tradition and history. The export share of the KROBATH GROUP is growing constantly, especially outside Europe. Internationalization is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. In 2015 for example, projects were implemented in 23 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia and we have 9 subsidiary companies worldwide.

The Ferdinand Krobath Group offers services across the entire range of building- and energy technology, all around the world.
We place great importance on providing high quality products and services by our team of experts.