Get Connected – Get Matched!

E-nable+, e-nable, enable, enable sujet

Forget how you developed business relationships for energy projects in the past – the future starts today!


E-nable+ brings Investors and Project Owners to the negotiating table – in virtually no time! Business matching was never easier – Expand your business network, save time and money while doing it, act faster and diversify risks– we e-nable your energy business to succeed!
E-nable+ is the result of 12 years of expertise in project consultancy, M&A services and project execution of energy projects. Designed to match the demands of Investors and Project Owners in today’s interconnected and globalized world, we created an innovative, intelligent and self-learning platform for energy projects to e-nable you to succeed! Boost your energy business by matching with your future partners online: Lights on for E-nable+! Register, let others know what you’re looking for and find your match right away! Avoid costly consultancies and concentrate on the important things of your business: deploy capital and realize energy projects in the most efficient way. It’s a deal per click!

Gain contacts and get the deal done – it was never easier! Investors find their attractive projects faster, with less risk and effort. Project Owners increase their chances to succeed with their project in 5 minutes – you can’t do wrong! E-nable+ is your solution!